The Danube Festival in Ulm is Closed. Einstein’s Pipe in the Centre of Attention

“That which we wanted to do, we achieved completely: we wanted to unleash the energy of Novi Sad and show it to the world”, said Dr Andrej Fajgelj, Director of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, upon his return from Ulm, where he, together with the team, presented the Culture of Novi Sad at this prestigious European festival.

At recently closed 9th Danube Festival in this German city, audience and media attention was caught by the premier display of Einstein’s pipe, which the famous scientist, born in Ulm, got from his father-in-law during his visit to Novi Sad in 1905. This unique artifact is, after its premiere in Ulm, available to be seen on the website of the Digital Heritage of Novi Sad (

Novi Sad presented itself as a Danube city of culture and as a candidate for the prestigious title European Capital of Culture 2021. For the first time since this festival exists, Novi Sad got the central pavilion in the Edwin Scharff Haus in order to present its cultural heritage, as well as contemporary culture in more than 180 square metres of exhibition space. Under the motto “Novi Sad – Open City”, the rich cultural offer of the city was daily presented to the numerous visitors.

Sabine Meigel, the Director of the Danube Festival in Ulm, graced the opening of Novi Sad exhibition pavilion with her presence. Among the numerous visitors there were people from diaspora, as well as Germans who originate from Novi Sad and its surroundings. Prof. Siniša Sević, the President of the City Assembly of Novi Sad opened the multimedia presentation of Novi Sad. Mr Peter Langer, the founder of the Danube Festival and Director of the Danube Academy, also used this opportunity to address the audience and remind it on long-time cooperation between Ulm and Novi Sad.

Donaufest, the international Danube festival, is the leading event in the Danube Region when it comes to cultural manifestations and partnerships. It promotes unity in diversity, the idea of cultural cooperation and strengthening of European solidarity.

Südwest Presse