BBNS project commended on the largest library platform of America: Congratulations, Novi Sad!

Пројекат ББНС похваљен на највећој Америчкој библиотечкој платформи

Digital public library of America congratulated the Cultural center of Novi Sad on its website the news about the launching of the gorgeous platform and thus, along with the American embassy in Belgrade, publicly supported the efforts of the Cultural center of Novi Sad and “Informatika” Public Utility Company in its struggle to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Novi Sad by digitizing it.

“DPLA staff was pleased to hear that the Cultural Center of Novi Sad, located in Novi Sad, Serbia, recently launched a gorgeous new digital heritage platform using DPLA’s open source technology.” – were the first words of praise sent by the staff of this most prestigious digital library in the world.

Aside from the place, time, and subject search, the advanced tools of the platform are enabling to set up more than two hundred digitized items from the archives of  the local cultural institutions. The final phase of the project led by Informatika Public Utility Company has been announced, which will include equipping a modern digital laboratory for digitizing new material into the platform, allowing easier access to the cultural and historic material.

 In the text published on their website, DPLA invites other interested subjects to, just like the Cultural center of Novi Sad, use the open source code which is available for public on their website:

On this occasion, Cultural center of Novi Sad and Informatika Public Utility Company would like to thank the Digital Public Library of America for their support and generous help while taking the first steps in the attempt to make Novi Sad a unique center of digitization in the region. Their praise , as well as the words of Mr. Gordon Dugit, vice ambassador of the American Embassy in Belgrade,  said during the launch of the platform  organized at the Cultural Center of Novi Sad on December 19th, 2013 that he was “fascinated by the speed of implementation of experience and tools used by in the project of Novi Sad platform”, represents further support for continuation of all the innovations planned in the following phases related to this platform.