The promotion of ‘Novi Sad Massacre’, book by Erich Kosch

The historical novel ‘Novi Sad Massacre’, by the academician Erich Kosch, was presented to the visitors of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, in the ‘Tribina Mladih’ club, by Gordana Todorić within the programme ‘Freezing Silence’ – memory of victims of the Novi Sad Raid. The introductory part of the promotion of the book, which describes the Novi Sad raid and victims of that unfortunate event, started with the composition ‘Vltava’ by Czech composer Bedřich Smetana, performed by harpist Mina Momčilović.

The novel ‘Novi Sad Massacre’ was published by the Jewish Community of Novi Sad, and Koš’s transcripts were lent to them by his son. This historic story, which testifies about the days during the Novi Sad Raid, was first published in 1949, and after that, the author supplemented it and published the final version as a novel in 1961. ‘There is a strong symbolism in performing ‘Vltava’ before you. This composition is about the river of which everyone speaks well. People should speak like that of rivers, and these days another river is on our minds and we speak of it in a different way. We think of Danube and the unfortunate event that happened next to and below this mighty river” – said Gordana Todorić, who by presenting the book, presented the author, too. In her speech, she described Erih Koš as an exceptional diplomat of that time, but also as a man who, because of his stance, rose above political situation of that period and started writing novels about things that he could not write about because of the politics.

‘Erih Koš is a renowned name in Serbian literature, and his bibliography is extensive. As a law clerk, after joining the party, being incarcerated for that, he survived the four war years, and after the war participated in all important political decisions and was the first secretary of the Yugoslav Embassy in London. When reading his books, we can see justification for leaving such a successful political career. We can see the person who did not want to accept unhealthy compromises in the political world of those days’, said Ms. Todorić.

The novel ‘Novi Sad Massacre’ not only describes the days of Novi Sad Raid, but by using narration leads readers through the story so that they feel as if that horrific event happened in front of their eyes. The novel focuses on what happened in Novi Sad during the Raid, and Erih Koš condemned this crime. The promotion of the novel ‘Novi Sad Massacre’ is one in the series of events within the programme ‘Freezing Silence’, organised by the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad in remembrance of days of the Novi Sad Raid.