Culture, Danube and Einstein Connect Novi Sad and Ulm

Potentials of Novi Sad for the candidacy for the European Capital of Culture will be presented at the Doanufest in Ulm/Neu-Ulm.

Quarter million visitors of this international event, which has been held since 1998, will have the chance, for the first time, to visit the pavilion of Novi Sad.

Various national communities, cultural institutions and festivals of Novi Sad, as well as the efforts of the City to become the European Capital of Culture, will be presented under the motto ‘Novi Sad – Open City’.

Special surprise will be the digital 3D model of Albert Einstein’s pipe, created especially for this audience in order to emphasise the connection between Ulm and Novi Sad.

‘We have great potentials, but they are often unused and hidden, like the enormous energy in the matter, which Einstein discovered and expressed through formula E=mc2. We want to release the energy of Novi Sad and show it to the world’, said Dr Andrej Fajgelj, Director of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad.

This unique artefact was available only upon special request in the City Museum of Novi Sad, and after its premier in Ulm it will be available to all on the website of the Digital Heritage of Novi Sad ( It is one of the rare examples of 3D digitisation of cultural heritage in the region.

Fajgelj thanked numerous partners on the project: Matica Srpska, Museum of Vojvodina, City Museum of Novi Sad, Institutes for Culture of Ruthenians and Slovaks of Vojvodina, Exit Festival, Days of Brazil manifestation, Street Musicians Festival and Danube Dialogues.

Visitors of the pavilion will be able to get to know Novi Sad through exhibitions, screenings, artefacts and computer terminals, ‘silent disco’ through headphones will transfer the atmosphere of Novi Sad festivals, and there will be a section for children for which colouring books with motifs of Novi Sad were made. Special exhibitions will present different national communities of Novi Sad, including those that were more numerous in the past than today, like Armenians from Novi Sad.

The programme also commemorates 150 years since the Matica Srpska was relocated to Novi Sad and 60 years of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad.

The Declaration from the 2nd International Danube Conference on Culture, which was brought to Novi Sad at the beginning of May by the cultural workers from the entire Danube Region, will be adopted during the Danube Festival in Ulm/Neu-Ulm.


Promoting Diversity

Donaufest, the international Danube festival, is the leading event in the Danube Region when it comes to cultural manifestations and partnerships. It promotes unity in diversity, the idea of cultural cooperation and strengthening of European solidarity.

The pavilion of Novi Sad will be located in the Edwin Scharff Haus, on the Danube bank, where the central opening ceremony will also be held.


Einstein’s Novi Sad Pipe

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, and in 1905, with his wife Mileva, he visited Novi Sad for the first time, and during this visit, he received a pipe for a gift from his father-in-law Miloš Marić, renowned citizen of Novi Sad. The year of 1905 is also called Einstein’s Miraculous Year because in this year he published his most famous theories. 3D display of the pipe can be seen on the platform where you should type ‘Albert Einstein’s Pipe’ in the search field.